LeoCAD 0.7

A great CAD editor designed to build animations,instructions using a big library
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LeoCAD is a CAD program that uses bricks similar to those found in many toys (but they don't represent any particular brand). Currently it has a library of more than 1000 different pieces.
Each object in a LeoCAD project can have a different position and orientation for each step or frame that it appears. This feature is called keyframing, and works differently if the program is in Instruction or Animation mode.

This is very useful when creating instructions because it allows you to have a door open in one step and closed later, or have the camera display the model from a different angle on a certain step to show details from another section of the model.

If you're in animation mode, LeoCAD automatically interpolates the value of the previous key with the value of the next key to calculate the position of the object at each frame. This makes the creation of animations a very simple thing because you only need to set the start and end positions and LeoCAD will take care of the other frames.

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